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Jahre/Spieler/Turniere in Verbindung mit den Filtereinstellungen:

Wähle Jahr

2016 (6)

Wähle Spieler

PERSSON Jorgen (3)
SAIVE Jean-Michel (1)
TSUBOI Gustavo (3)
WANG Liqin (4)

Abbeville Open
Africa Cup
Africa Top 16
African Top 16
AFTT Masters
All Stars Circuit
Argentina Open
Asia vs Europe
Asian Championships
Asian Championships (Junior)
Asian Championships (Team)
Asian Cup
Asian Games
Asian Games (Team)
Asian Games Warm Up
Australia Open
Australian Open
Austria Championships
Austria Top 12
Austrian Cup
Austrian League
Austrian Open
Austrian Open (Junior)
Baltimore Teams Division A
BATTS Super League
Belarus Championships
Belarus Open
Belarus Youth Championships
Belgian Championships
Belgium Cup
Belgium League
Belgium Open
Bichumi Cup Korea
Blossom Cup
Brazil Open
Brazilian Championships
Brazilian League
British League
Bulgaria Open
California State Championships
Challenger Series
Champions League
Champions Tour
Chengdu Bank Cup
Chicago Open
Chile Open
China Cup League
China Masters
China National Youth
China Open
China Open (Harmony)
China Open (Junior)
China Super League
China U-15 Championships
China vs World
Chinese Championships
Chinese Championships (Junior)
Chinese Finance Cup
Chinese Games
Chinese National Student Game
Chinese Taipei Junior Open
Chinese Trials
Chinese Trials (Team)
Christmas Ping Pong Tournament
City of Barcelona International Trophy
Cobo Hall
Commonwealth Championships
Copa Latina Guatemala
Croatia Open
Croatia Open (Youth)
Croatian Championships
CTTA Grand Finals
Czech League
Czech Open
Czech Open (Junior)
Czech Open (Youth)
Daejeon All-Star
Danish Cadet Championships
Danish Championships
Danish League
Danish Open
Danish SuperCircuit
Danish Youth Championships
De Boer Maatwerk Top 20
DHS Europe Cup
Duesseldorf Masters
Dunlop Masters
East Asia Games
Egypt Open
Emir Cup
Energis Masters
English Championships
English Open
ETTC (Junior)
ETTC (Qualifikation)
ETTC (Team)
ETTC (Youth)
ETTU (Pre)
Euro Asian
Europe Cup
Europe Top 12
Europe Top 16
Europe Youth Top 10
European Games
European League
European Nations League
European Super Cup
Finish Championships
Flanders Open
France Criterium
France Youth Open
French Championships
French Championships (cadets)
French Cup
French Open
French Pro A
French Pro B
German Championships
German Cup (Final Four)
German Open
German Open (Junior)
Gilbert Cup
Global Circuit Finals
GP Levallois
Grand Finals
Grand Prix
Grand Prix de Levallois
Greek League
Greek Open
Grubba Polish Champions
Guangdong Cup
Hainan Grandmaster Grand Prix
Hawkeye Open
Hebei Cup
Hong Kong Challenge
Hong Kong National Championships
Hong Kong Open
Hong Kong Youth Open
Honk Kong Cup
Hungarian Open
India Open
Indian Championships
Indonesia Open
Intercontinental Cup
IOC President Cup
Italian Championships
Italian Championships (Team)
Italian League
Italian Open
Italian Open (Youth)
Italian Team Championships
Italy WJC
ITTF Finals
ITTF Legends Tour
Japan Championships
Japan League
Japan Open
Japan Top 12
Japanese Trials
Korea All-Star
Korea Open
Korea Sports Festival
Korean Championships
Korral Cup
Kuwait Open
LA Open
Lagos Open
Lambert and Butler Championships
Latin American Championships
Latin American Cup
Latin Cup
Lebanon Open
Lille International Open
Lily Cup
Lithuania Championships
Lotto Superliga Cup
Luxembourg Championships
Marvellous 12
Master Lille
Mediterranean Games
Meiji University Table Tennis Club
Modum Open
Morocco Open
Moscow Championships
Nigeria Open
North American Open
North American Teams Championships
North American Tour
Norwich Union Masters
Olympics (Team)
Olympics (Youth)
Olympics - Qualification
Olympics - Warm Up
Olympics Legends
Oman Open
Open de Lille
Open du Luxembourg
Orion Supercup
Pan Am Cup
Para World Championships
Paraguay Open
Penholder vs Shakehander
Philippines Open
Ping Pong Russian Open Tour
Pinp Pong Tour
Polish Championships
Polish League
Polish Open
Polish Open (Junior)
Pondus Cup
Portugal Open
Prague Open
Premier League Challenge
Pyongyang Open
Qatar Open
Qatar Sport and Peace Cup
Romania Junior Championships
Romanian Championships
Romanian Championships (Junior)
Romanian League
Russia Open
Russia Premiere League
Russian Cadet Championships
Russian Championships
Russian Club Championships
Russian Cup
Russian Open
Saarbruecken Cup
Safir Open
SC Tournament
Serbia Open
Shanghai Open
Shenfang Cup
Singapore Open
Singapore Smash
Slovenia Open
South East Asian Games
Spain Masters
Spanish Championships
Spanish League
Spanish Open
Stiga Divisionen
Super Circuit
Super Cup
Sweden Tour
Swedish Championships
Swedish Duel
Swedish League
Swedish Open
Sween Tour
Swiss Open
T League
Table Tennis Safir
Tai Ben Invitational
Taipei Youth Open
Taiwan Masters
Taiwan University Games
Thailand Open
Top 12 Italy
Top of Austria Challenge
Tournament of Champions
Tournoi National Noisy-le-Grand
Toyota Cup
Tsingtao Tour
TT Star Pro Series
TTEX Games
UAE Open
Ultimate Table Tennis
Universiade Games
US Championships
US Open
Veteran World Champions Challenge
Vietnam Open
Volkswagen Open
VW Cup
WJTTC (Junior)
World Cadet Challenge
World Championships of Ping Pong
World Club League
World Cup
World Cup (Team)
World Military Games
World Team Challenge
World University Games
WTT Champions European Summer Series
WTT Champions Frankfurt
WTT Champions Macao
WTT Contender Almaty
WTT Contender Amman
WTT Contender Budapest
WTT Contender Durban
WTT Contender Lagos
WTT Contender Lima
WTT Contender Muscat
WTT Contender Nova Gorica
WTT Contender Novo Mesto
WTT Contender Rio de Janeiro
WTT Contender Taiyuan
WTT Contender Zagreb
WTT Cup Finals Xinxiang
WTT Cup Singapore
WTT Feeder Amman
WTT Feeder Antalya
WTT Feeder Doha
WTT Feeder Düsseldorf
WTT Feeder Olomouc
WTT Feeder Otocec
WTT Feeder Panagyurishte
WTT Feeder Westchester
WTT Lanzhou
WTT Macao
WTT Nagoya
WTT Star Contender Bangkok
WTT Star Contender Doha
WTT Star Contender European Summer Series
WTT Star Contender Goa
WTT Star Contender Lako
WTT Star Contender Ljubljana
WTT Star Contender Otocec
WTT Star Contender Tunis